Advice need for newbie - vertebrae, back, neck


aches: "Worried well" ? If we were well, we wouldn't be looking for relief from neck and back pain. Aug 20, 2014 19:59:35 GMT -5
charade: if you think a crack is going to help your condition then you are smoking crack! the only light at the end of the chiropractic tunnel is the train!! Aug 21, 2014 10:35:27 GMT -5
charade: aches: you misunderstood nmsdc's statement. they rip off the worried very well. read slowly and carefully. Aug 21, 2014 12:33:19 GMT -5
nmsdc: I mean "worried" well people, who are scared and then ripped off for months or years of "subluxation" treatment when a massage or some manual therapy would do. Aug 21, 2014 15:32:45 GMT -5
thankful: Under medical care, I had shingles twice. Each time, it lasted for several months. Upon a 3rd onset, I was under chiropractic care. It only lasted for 1 week! I have stayed with chiropractic care, and I have not had any more onsets of shingles. :) Aug 23, 2014 20:45:37 GMT -5
Successful DC = cheating DC : Chiropractic is a joke!!! I am one. . . What profession has so many of its own bad mouthing it?! It should be outlawed and all these so-called chiropractic colleges should be shut down and forced to pay reparations to their graduates. Aug 27, 2014 21:41:21 GMT -5
The goof above me: Just because you cheated and suck, doesnt mean they all did that... Aug 28, 2014 14:20:41 GMT -5
thankful: 08072014-I thank God that I found a chiropractor with a wellness plan and educational classes. With adjustments and teaching, the ailments began disappearing. This is excellent health care. It is at a fraction of the cost of the health insurance system! :) Aug 30, 2014 13:57:16 GMT -5
thankful: 08152014-I'm glad that physical therapy helped you. My chiropractor helped me too. I can climb stairs & arise from the floor without struggling or labored breathing. I can go for a walk & have the strength to exercise. I was able to return to work. :) Aug 30, 2014 14:02:25 GMT -5
Why: I was wondering if anyone would give their opinion of the iq impulse. My daughter could not get any diagnosis from many dr's but the chiro that uses the iq impulse has shown improvement in her pain. Sept 1, 2014 20:45:17 GMT -5
jadewarrior: Go to for information on the Impuluse iQ. Click the "Resources" tab at the top to look at some of the published, peer reviewed research validating instrument adjusting and the Impulse iQ. Go to go to find a doctor using it. Sept 2, 2014 6:44:09 GMT -5
nmsdc: Impulse is a marketing scheme. There are no peer-reviewed studies showing efficacy; just animal case studies. People may feel better after, but is a short-term placebo effect. Sept 4, 2014 13:27:20 GMT -5
Royce: Placebo effect? You must be anti-chiropractic. I'm very grateful for instrument adjusting and for chiropractic. This reminds me of a patient of mine who's MD told her a chiropractor can't help her hiatal hernia, she told him "Mine can!" Sept 4, 2014 17:44:55 GMT -5
Mr Kim: What technique do you use to treat hiatal hernia....not just the symptoms but the anatomic defect? Sept 4, 2014 19:36:29 GMT -5
Mr Kim: Who's MD or whose MD? Did they teach spelling at Sherman? Sept 4, 2014 19:38:58 GMT -5
Copernicus DC: My PT thinks Impulse could be good for pain relief but not rehabilitation. Be sure to see a good PT in addition. Sept 5, 2014 10:11:15 GMT -5
Royce: Visceral adjustment, takes about 3 minutes and 2 visits. Exercises are prescribed if the adjustment doesn't hold well. One young lady I helped was told an exploratory surgery of her heart was needed. Luckily her acupuncturist knew I could probably help. Sept 5, 2014 12:37:46 GMT -5
igotout: That's amazing Royce. Why not write up a case study and submit it to a non-chiro journal? Sept 7, 2014 8:23:15 GMT -5
fairchiro: igotout: Can't you tell Royce is trying to be humorous-and succeeding! He is playing the role of a dumb chiropractor to poke fun at chiropractic. Sept 8, 2014 9:28:09 GMT -5
Dr. Dosomething: This board is silly. It seems as though everyone on here is just venting about how disappointing there current situation is. Put your big boy/girl pants on and adapt. Add to your degree. . .NP, MD, PT, LPC or PHD. Do something actively productive. Sept 15, 2014 11:20:15 GMT -5
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